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95 劉君儀 生化暨分子生物研究所 魏耀揮 帶有粒線體DNA 4,977斷損突變的人類細胞對UV誘發之細胞凋亡高敏感度受到PKCd及ERK1/2訊息傳遞之調控Involvement of ERK1/2 signaling in PKCd–mediated increase of sensitivity to UV-induced apoptosis in human cells harboring 4,977 bp deletion of mtDNA
95 高英訓 生化暨分子生物研究所 馮濟敏 Endothelin-1 activates Glut1 transcription through a novel cross-talk between protein kinase Ce and mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathways
95 陳胤叡 生化暨分子生物研究所        
95 易永祥 微生物及免疫學研究所 林奇宏 Recruitment and interaction of NHE1 and NCX1 to integrinαIIbβ3 by lipid microdomains induce a calcium mobilization that triggers calcium oscillation
95 廖恩慈 熱帶醫學研究所 何兆美 Cloning, characterization of mite Group III allergen Tyr p3 Trypsin-like Serine Protease from Tyrophagus putrescentiae and the hyposensitization in an allergic asthma murine model
95 吳育澤 傳統醫藥研究所 蔡東湖 洋丁香酚苷於生物檢體中之定量分析方法開發以及洋丁香酚苷之藥物動力學研究
Development of analytical methods for acteoside in various biological matrices and pharmacokinetic study of acteoside
95 楊思韻 生物醫學資訊研究所 鍾翊方 Exploring Characteristics of Metabolic Networks of Lactococcus lactis IL1403
95 鄧元淇 生命科學系暨基因體科學研究所 蔡亭芬 Hepatocyte-specific b-catenin gene knockout in the fetal liver leads to failure of liver functions and perinatal lethality in the mice
95 于心儀 神經科學研究所 王安國 Frmd5是一個包含FERM區域的新穎蛋白質其作用會影響神經突起的生長
Frmd5 is a novel FERM domain-containing protein involved in neurite outgrowth
95 郭靜雯 生物藥學研究所 林蔚靖 Analysis of functional motifs involved in the anti-apoptotic activity of PICK1
95 蔡毓舜 生物醫學資訊研究所 鍾翊方 Dominant and dormant gene selection for multi-class microarray data
95 謝易振 醫學工程研究所 張寅 弱視輔具之研發
Development of the impaired vision aid
95 王笙帆 藥理學研究所 李新城 甲基安非他命引起氧化性壓力所造成人類神經母纖維瘤SH-SY5Y細胞粒線體變異之分子機制探討
Study on Molecular Mechanism of Mitochondrial Alterations in Response to Methamphetamine-induced Oxidative Stress in Human Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y Cells.